Email Marketing Newsletter Inspiration from the Greatist Daily

I have been receiving this newsletter for what seems like forever and each time it arrives in my inbox, I mean to share it with you. Everything about it is so well executed that I look forward to receiving it every day, and here is why.

It’s called Greatist Daily. I opted in to receive the newsletter because it has relevant information that interests me and I can count on it being in my inbox each morning at 8 a.m. The newsletter topics alternate between three major focus areas: health, fitness, and mental wellness. Plus their website is nice to look at, navigate and is chalk-full of resources.

The subject lines are perfectly relevant to the title of the article inside. There is little guessing work with what the email will be about so I can decide whether to read it immediately (super excited about the subject), file it away for later reading without opening it (interested), or simply delete it. Here is a sampling of some of their recent subject lines and my reactions:

  • “Take a Walk to Beat Office Stress” (OOOH! I happen to be at the office right now.)
  • “Think Twice before Grilling” (I’m curious to see what they have to say, so I’ll read it later.)
  • “Interval Train Once or Twice per Week” (Eh, already know that – delete.)

The layout and content are always consistent. The header area is nothing fancy, just the logo and the word “Daily”. Did you notice the pre-header text? It’s telling me to “Choose better. Be a Greatist.” – reinforcing their tagline. The main focus area is in the left column with the title, image and article text. Below that are always two square graphics, typically one social-related and another article from their website (not related to the email’s topic). The right column has links to their social networks and to share this email, right below that is their tagline again with the familiar icons from the website. Under that they throw in two quick links to other articles on the website that are directly related to the main article.

The main article is actually just the cliff notes. This is where I think Greatist is genius. Over the years I have noticed when businesses send out articles in an email, the exact content is in the email and gets truncated – typically mid-sentence with a link to “Read the rest…” It is a common teaser technique that forces the reader to visit the website if they are interested in continuing on in order to get to the point/meat of the article.

Greatist gets to the point. Instead of truncating an intro paragraph of the main article, Greatist does it better (of course they do!) They give you a cliff notes version of the entire article in one or two paragraphs that includes the main point. Post-cliff notes, they re-iterate the point by always having a one-sentence summary called “The Takeaway:” The main section ends with a follow-up of how you can quickly achieve what they are teaching you with their consistent “Make It Happen Like a Greatist”. Doing this encourages the reader and give ‘em a little boost to think, “Hey, *I* can be a Greatist!”

Next week I’ll give you some ideas of how you can be a Greatist too.


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