Tell-A-Friend: Email Marketing to Encourage Your Loyalists to Share the Love

Friends.  Your friends are people that you want to share things with.  Why not encourage your customer base to share your product with their friends?  It’s easy new revenue!

I got an email from a software product I use saying “Do you like our product?  Tell a Friend”.  The “Tell a Friend” was a call to action in the form of a button.  I pressed it and was directed to a survey which asked for an email address and name.  Once I entered it my friend got an instant email telling them that I was the one that suggested they send them information on their product with a small short summary of what they do.

If you like a product enough you’d love to share it with your friends. However, your favorite products might not come up during your couples dinner night.  Send out an actionable email using this idea and you’re easily building your business.  Keep the message very short and simple with a clear call to action.

Share with us how you’re building your business’ pipeline.

About Kassi Johnson

Kassi has been enjoying her time working with Swiftpage since January of 2008. Kassi manages the Swiftpage Technical Support and Customer Care departments. When not working Kassi it typically spending her time practicing Nia, which she hopes to become an instructor in, or on the next adventure that Colorado has to offer her. In addition to finding extreme pleasure in working with Swiftpage she also enjoys spending time in the mountains, making jewelry, painting, spending time with her dog or playing racquet ball.

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