10 Tips for Creating, Maintaining & Growing Your Email List

Originally published in the August 2012 Thoughtspot Newsletter.

The foundation  for great email marketing campaigns begins with the list. Consequently, the  methods you use to create, grow, and maintain your list will have a significant  effect on the overall performance of your email marketing initiatives. Today  we’ll help guide you through the process of developing and nurturing your list.

Should  I buy a list?

Well,  no. You shouldn’t. People are often tempted to purchase a list because it’s  less time consuming and gives the expectation of instant gratification. Purchased  lists have some considerable disadvantages:

  • Unsolicited  Addresses:  You could be labeled as a spammer for sending unsolicited emails, because the  contacts on the purchased list have not agreed to receive marketing materials  from you specifically
  • Dead  Emails: Even  though the company may guarantee otherwise, some of the emails may be inactive.
  • Outside  Your Target:  Since these purchased contacts have probably never had any interaction with  your business, their level of interest is likely not as high as contacts you  have gathered directly. Therefore your efforts to reach them are not as  qualified as contacts you collect yourself.
  • Costly:  Typically $100-$400 per thousand records.

We  highly recommend that you create your own list. To aid in your list creations, here are 10 tips that will help you create,  grow, and maintain a large list of relevant email addresses.

Getting Started

1. Current  Customers and Prospective Customers

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About Ben Koenig

Ben joined the Swiftpage team in May 2012 as a Marketing Associate. He is in charge of outbound communications, strategic analyses, support content management, and a variety of other marketing projects. When Ben's not working you are likely to find him enjoying every outdoor activity the Colorado Wilderness has to offer.


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