Guest Blog: Don’t Buy Social Followers, Build Them Naturally

Businesses have finally warmed up to the fact that social media marketing is unavoidable for business marketing.  A business Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn presence are essential.  However, what many businesses struggle with is attracting a social media following.  Without many followers, it’s easy to question spending so much time creating and sharing content in social media and get frustrated by the process.  As businesses see that their follower count in social media is failing to grow it may be tempting to buy followers, however this is the wrong approach.  The key to success is having the right kind of followers and followers that are paid for are pretty much a waste of money.

Paid social followers are somewhat common, especially within Twitter.  The thing is, the majority of these “followers” aren’t followers at all, because they aren’t even real people!  They are fake accounts that were created by these services that sell followers and are never used.  Because the accounts are inactive Twitter can easily close them, which means that they likely won’t exist over the long term.  In some cases, it may be an actual human on the other end of the account, but since they were bought they probably could care less about what you have to say.  They probably won’t re-tweet or share any of your content. Actually, they probably won’t even read it.  Accounts like these typically follow thousands of other accounts and yours is just one within the massive amount of posts that are in the feed each day.  While it’s true that these paid followers boosts your follower account, which may appear to be impressive, what is the point of sharing content with fake or uninterested people?

While paying for followers is still being done, it’s technically a very spammy and misleading practice.  Twitter can ban “Twitter farms” that sell followers and in turn can ban the accounts that are paying for them.  It’s not worth the risk of having your social account shut down because you are considered to be a spammer.

Instead of paying for social followers there are other ways to build a following that will actually be interested in what you have to say and may lead to new business opportunities.  First, be sure to promote your social media accounts within other marketing collateral.  Only do this if your social accounts are active.  You don’t want to send someone to a social profile that hasn’t been touched in months.  If your accounts are active tell people that you can be found easily in social media within ads, flyers, direct mail, etc.  Include a link to social accounts within your email newsletters and on your blog and website.

While it may be frustrating to spend a lot of time creating great content that is only being shared with a small number of people in social media, it’s necessary to do so in order to grow your follower count naturally.  Followers will share your content with their followers and by using the right hashtags it could show up within a social search.  An additional way to get noticed and build followers is by following others, specifically prominent social accounts within your niche.  This can build your visibility and result in networking opportunities.

Building a social media following takes time.  It’s important to not get frustrated by the process and keep at it for the best results.


About the Author: Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO company that offers SEO seminars.  For more information please call 781-999-1222 or visit

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