Climbing the Sales Mountain: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Living in Colorado offers many outdoor activities, one of the most popular being hiking 14er’s.  We have some incredible mountains and beautiful views out here.  Being from California the altitude change was very difficult for my lungs to get used to and I wasn’t able to keep up with the Colorado natives however found that I could still make the climb if I took the time and did it right.

In many ways, climbing a 14er in Colorado relates to sales.  To make the sale, you often have to take 2 steps back in order to get 1 step forward.  You get hung up on, ignored and turned down before you get that successful sale.  If you’re unwilling to take any steps backwards you’ll most likely never move forward.  You must be willing to take a look at the backwards steps and learn from them in order to successfully move forward.  If you can learn and grow, your sales will increase and you’ll ultimately be successful both personally and professionally.

Share a time when you had to learn or overcome the backwards step in order to get forward.

About Kassi Johnson

Kassi has been enjoying her time working with Swiftpage since January of 2008. Kassi manages the Swiftpage Technical Support and Customer Care departments. When not working Kassi it typically spending her time practicing Nia, which she hopes to become an instructor in, or on the next adventure that Colorado has to offer her. In addition to finding extreme pleasure in working with Swiftpage she also enjoys spending time in the mountains, making jewelry, painting, spending time with her dog or playing racquet ball.

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