Guest Blog: Customize Social Pages to be True to the Brand

Social media marketing is here to stay.  No longer considered a fad, it has become an important part of the marketing mix for any company that takes online marketing seriously.  While most companies have gotten involved in social media to some extent, many still aren’t taking advantage of all of the opportunities that social media involvement provides. Instead of just setting up a page, it’s important to spend time and effort on the look and feel of each social page.

While the company website should always be considered the hub of all online marketing activity, you never know where the first brand interaction could take place.  Social pages appear prominently when a branded search is conducted so a searcher could just as easily click on a company Facebook or Twitter page before clicking on the main company website.  If you’ve done a good job designing and developing your website it should be a branded entity.  The imagery and color schemes convey the brand and are consistent throughout the whole site.  For example, if the company logo is red, the site incorporates red or various shades of red where it can.  It wouldn’t make sense to use yellow if the company is associated with the color red.  The same concept holds true for company social media pages.

The primary social networks have come a long way within the past 5 years and now offer many more opportunities for businesses to customize their pages.  It’s important to take advantage of all that each social site has to offer in regards to the look and feel of the page and the content that can be included.  Social media outlets have put more emphasis on the visual elements of a brand page and businesses should carefully consider the images that they choose to use.  The imagery should be similar to the company website and similar across social networks as each should convey the same brand sentiment.  If there is no obvious correlation between a company website, a company Twitter feed, a company Facebook page and a company Google+ page it could cause brand confusion.

Because you never know where a potential client or customer may interact with your brand first online, it’s important to take proper care of all of your social media channels in the same way that you would take care of your website.  If you are going to create a page on a social media site, that site will need to be branded and active.  If a social media page hasn’t been touched in weeks or months it looks unprofessional and the visitor may not even bother visiting your other online profiles that may be more active.  Because you never know what the first touch point could be, it’s important to convey a similar brand experience across all web pages that are associated with your business, whether they are owned (your website or blog) or third party (social pages).


About the Author: Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO company that offers SEO classes.  For more information call 781-999-1222 or visit


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