28 Days of Email Inspiration: Day 3

We love email…and we love sharing our passion with you. During the month of February aka the “month of love”, we will be featuring one email a day with tips, commentary and more from industry experts.

Day 3: Disney Email Inspires with Lone Ranger Email Image Slicing

S28Days_Day3_Disneyubject Line: Watch a Sneak Peek of Disney’s The Lone Ranger Game Day TV Spot‏
Industry: Retail, TV, Media, Movies
Type of Email: Promotional Announcement

If you are “grown-up” and still love Disney as much as when you were a kid – it is a good bet that you receive some sort of email from them. I generally receive an email from Disney about every week or two and open most of them. Why do I open them?

1. Love for the company.

2. I am interested in new products, movies, rides, etc.

3. As an email marketing enthusiast, I like finding the errors in their emails. As a whole, Disney does a great job with their design and marketing (including email marketing), however I find rendering errors while reading their emails via Hotmail/Outlook.com almost every time. Part of this is attributed to their consistent use of image slicing (breaking a large image into smaller images, then coding them to appear like the original image).

Following up on #3 above, let’s take a look at how the image slicing affects the email…

The main error in this email is the play button call-to-action is broken and a line appears in the middle. To fix this in your emails: make sure your image and table alignments match so they align exactly, otherwise you can experience similar results.


Have you seen an image sliced email without images automatically downloading? It looks something like this:


Main advantage to using image slicing: you don’t need to compromise your design to format into editable modular layout and the email will show the same as the original design.

Main disadvantage to using image slicing: non-editable format for future sends and having too many images can heighten spam settings and decrease deliverability.

Do you use image slicing in your email templates? Image slicing is a popular service through BrightPeak.com when users need to send out PDFs or print pieces as one-off sends and don’t need templates to be editable.

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Need assistance with your email template? Contact our creative services division Bright Peak at brightpeak.com or 877-228-8377 option 3.

About Luke Siegle

Joining Swiftpage in July of 2010, Luke currently manages Bright Peak, the creative services division of Swiftpage. A Colorado native, he can be found outdoors skiing, fishing, or hiking. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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