28 Days of Email Inspiration: Day 6

We love email…and we love sharing our passion with you. During the month of February aka the “month of love”, we will be featuring one email a day with tips, commentary and more from industry experts.

Day 6: crowdsavings Provides Inspiration on WHAT NOT TO DO

Subject Line: ★ Check Out This Week’s Top Deals
Industry: Retail, Group Specials
Type of Email: Sales

Ben Koenig, part of our marketing team, received this email from crowdsavings.com and inspired him on what not to do:28Days_Day6_crowdsavings

Uninformative Subject Line
  • It would have been better if it included a detail or two about one of the week’s deals.
  • I assume they probably just re-use the same subject line every week? Nothing says spam and “I don’t care about you” like repetitive subject lines.
Irrelevant Alt Text
  • The main image takes up a majority of the space in the email and the Alt Text just says ‘new years’. The email has absolutely nothing to do with New Years! This makes the alt text pointless because it offers no explanation of the image or it’s relation to the email.


Redundant Content
  • The email provides absolutely no information on the specific deals offered this week. (Again, this makes me believe that they re-use the template without making any alterations.)
  • The only main body text is “Check out this week’s top deals on Crowdsavings.com”. This makes the image redundant because it only says Crowdsavings.com and “Check Out the Deals”. The image itself is kind of cheesy as well.
Forwarding issues
  • When I forwarded the email prior to downloading the images, the content was negatively altered when I opened the forwarded version. i.e. The header and main body images were removed and the button got distorted (also had no option to ‘download images’)

Generic List Segmentation

  • Nothing says personal like “National” when competitors like Groupon or LivingSocial send personalized deals for local areas.

The only positive quality that I found in this email was the CTA (View/Check out Deals). Since it was the only content provided in the email, I knew right away what action they wanted me to take.

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About Luke Siegle

Joining Swiftpage in July of 2010, Luke currently manages Bright Peak, the creative services division of Swiftpage. A Colorado native, he can be found outdoors skiing, fishing, or hiking. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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