Technology, Micro and Small Businesses, and the Adoption Curve

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about Micro and Small Businesses and how current technological advancements will impact them long term. Because these businesses are the core users of our product here at Swiftpage, we try hard to understand how they interact with their customers. Many micro and small businesses are only now grappling with how to leverage social media, email marketing and a web presence to engage customers and increase sales. I truly believe micro and small businesses are still in the early stages of the mobile technology and adoption curve, and that there are incredible changes coming in the next five years.

Imagine walking into a local clothing store that already has on record your size, color preferences, and the style of clothing you’ve previously purchased. They’ll be able to offer personalized recommendations from the moment you walk in the door. They’ll also be able to send you personalized notifications when items you might like go on sale.

This isn’t an image from the distant future. Mobile payments, rich customer data, and same day delivery are not only available, in some markets they are already cost effective solutions for micro and small businesses. Technology is no longer an advantage of the big enterprise. Nor is software difficult to use or integrate.

Micro and small businesses are only getting their feet wet. As technology and software become increasingly cheaper and easier to integrate, these businesses will be able to offer top notch customer experiences that used to be reserved to larger or higher end enterprises.

If you have your own small business, I recommend starting now. Rich customer data starts with a simple list of your customers and slowly grows as you add contact information, social network activity, and purchase history. The more information you capture, the better the customer experience you’ll be able to offer.

How have you adopted and integrated technology into your business?

About Reilly Flynn

I'm a: Digital Marketing Account Manager, Technology Enthusiast, Colorado transplant, Avid traveler, and a few other things depending on the day.

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