28 Days of Email Inspiration: Day 26

We love email…and we love sharing our passion with you. During the month of February aka the “month of love”, we will be featuring one email a day with tips, commentary and more from industry experts.

Day 26: Hotwire Inspires Us to Not Overly Personalize Emails

28Days_Day26_HotwireI like using Hotwire to get a great deal on a nicer hotel but I am a little tired of receiving overly personalized emails from them. What do I mean? Well…I have visited the places included in the email and purchased several hotels through Hotwire for these destinations. What I don’t like is that they continue to send deals for the same destinations I have already visited. While I may want to go to the same places again, it is not likely that I will within the same year period. I think these emails would be great for frequent business travelers that go to repeat destinations on a frequent basis. I do admire that they included a small area “Not seeing your deal?”; but for a more effective email, I want the “personalized” email to be personalized for me upfront – rather than having to click and search again on their site.

What I would tell Hotwire: “Please ask me what personalized deals of the week I would like about every three months and I will use your service more often for new destinations.”

What type of personalization do you offer in your emails?

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About Luke Siegle

Joining Swiftpage in July of 2010, Luke currently manages Bright Peak, the creative services division of Swiftpage. A Colorado native, he can be found outdoors skiing, fishing, or hiking. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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