Bright Peak Tip: Matching Emails and PDF Document Fonts

Are you trying to match your email template fonts to your PDF document fonts? Great idea! Matching fonts from website to documents to emails allows you to have consistent branding for your company; while email recipients will have a cohesive user experience. Here is a quick trick using Adobe Acrobat to find out what fonts are used in your PDF document:

  1. Open Your PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat
  2. In the Toolbar, Go to File > PropertiesTS_Feb13_BPTIP_1
  3. Select the Fonts Tab and a List of Fonts Used in the PDF will appearTS_Feb13_BPTIP_2
  4. Use a Listed Browser Safe Font or Find a Close Substitute

Note: This feature may not always be available and requires searchable/editable text within the document. i.e. Does not work on PDFs made of images.

About Luke Siegle

Joining Swiftpage in July of 2010, Luke currently manages Bright Peak, the creative services division of Swiftpage. A Colorado native, he can be found outdoors skiing, fishing, or hiking. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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