5 Email Marketing Content Ideas for Service Providers

Many businesses struggle when it comes to generating email marketing content. We’ve written a couple posts addressing that issue (here & here).  While most content-related posts offer tips that apply to all types of businesses, this post focuses specifically on businesses that provide a service. Note: Even though these tips are intended for service-providers, some of them may be applicable to product-based businesses as well.

Reminder Appointment Reminders
Decrease cancellation costs by sending email reminders to your customers a week before their appointment. These emails will boost on-time visits and increase your level of customer service.

Promote Referrals
You can use email marketing to promote your company’s referral program. Offer an incentive, such as a coupon or discount, to encourage customer referrals and show that you appreciate their business. Sending a referral promotion email to all of your current customers will help you attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

Upselling & Cross-Selling Emails
Add email marketing to your upsell/cross-sell strategy by sending customized emails based on your customers’ past behaviors. You’ll want to include service offerings that fulfill the specific needs of the customer. Look at their purchase history, demographics and content they download from your website to identify the services they’re most interested in.

Thank you & Confirmation EmailsDiscount
Send an email to recent customers confirming their purchase and thanking them for using your service. This is also an ideal opportunity to ask for their feedback by including a survey in the email. Click here to learn more about the Swiftpage Connect Survey tool.

Exclusive Coupons/Discounts
Encourage repeat purchases by sending out exclusive coupons and discounts to your customers. Offering exclusive subscriber-only deals will make your readers feel special and add value to your emails. Your customers are more likely to open your emails if they think reading it will benefit them in some way.

Don’t forget that your customers need to opt-in to receive your emails, so be sure to put a sign up form on your website and social media page. Encourage your customers to sign up by giving them an opt-in form when they check out and providing the URL to your sign-up page on your print materials.

Want us to write a post about something in particular? Google Analytics tips? VLOOKUP’s God-like abilities? How to make a killer PowerPoint? How to wax your skis? Anything?

You name it (by leaving a comment) and I promise to write a post about it within in a week.

About Ben Koenig

Ben joined the Swiftpage team in May 2012 as a Marketing Associate. He is in charge of outbound communications, strategic analyses, support content management, and a variety of other marketing projects. When Ben's not working you are likely to find him enjoying every outdoor activity the Colorado Wilderness has to offer.

5 Responses to “5 Email Marketing Content Ideas for Service Providers”

  1. I liked the appointment reminders concept very much.People being so busy in their lives tend to forget the daily meetings and schedules, so in that case that would be very nice.Everyone likes incentives and people feel good when they get it. The points discussed by you are very nice to engage your customers or subscribers by making him/her feel special.Great Post!

  2. Encouraging repeat purchases by providing discount is a good idea.


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