Improve Your Fundraising Event Attendance Through Social Media Campaigns

A well-organized fundraising event raises cause awareness and increases donations.  While events are a busy time for staff and volunteers, they bring about media attention, community involvement, new partnerships, and sponsors.  Creating and executing a successful social media strategy for your event generates excitement and engagement with your audience allowing you to keep everyone up to date on event news.

First, you need a mission or a guiding principle. Pointed in the right direction, you’ll post relevant and engaging material that your audience will want to read.

Through my experiences, I found calendar based social media strategies are effective in promoting an event.

1. Pre-Event Efforts

  • Showcase news and event dates on your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.  The best content is interesting, funny, or passionate; educate, try to make people think, excite them.  In short, tell a story relating to your cause and it’s guiding principles.
  • Encourage staff and volunteers to post regularly.  Little known facts, videos from past events, interviews, and special promotions are examples.
  • LinkedIn groups allow you to poll members.  Take the opportunity to understand what your audience is thinking, and ask questions.
  • Twitter posts are short, a great tool for even updates, and the hashtag feature is a remarkable way to create and follow conversations with your audience so they stay informed.   Keep your hashtag s short and easy to type – especially for mobile phones (Example:  #yourevent2013).

2. During Event: 

  • Utilize twitter hashtags so staff, volunteers, sponsors, and attendees can post in real-time.  Use it to promote fun giveaways at your event.  Also, display your twitter hashtag feed at your event to get it trending.

3. Post Event: 

  • Use social media to thank volunteers, sponsors, and attendees.  Event organizers can solicit feedback for two-way communication with your audience.
  • Posting event pictures is a must!

Aside from building awareness and increasing fundraising, the goal of social media is to create a sense of community.  Following these three steps and you’ll have an effective approach to social media, with innovative way to help your cause.

What other ideas would you add to this list? Share them with us!

About John Golly

I started at Swiftpage in November 2012 as a sales manager overseeing Swiftpage's Inside Sales team. I enjoy coaching and developing my sales team and seeing them grow personally and professionally. I am passionate about social media and marketing communications. In my off time, I am an avid mountain biker, cyclist, and hiker who enjoys spending time with my wife (She loves cycling and triathlons.) and Chesapeake Bay Retriever (He loves playing fetch and swimming.). I also volunteer for a local non-profit organization helping them with marketing communications, social media, and increasing participation in a local cycling event.


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