FAQ Friday: Are you going to keep the ACT! and SalesLogix brands?

As more and more of you have heard about our acquisition, some great questions have come up. Today, John talks about the ACT! and SalesLogix brands. Let us know what you think after watching the video by leaving a comment below.


About Lindsey Weinig

Lindsey Weinig has been working for Swiftpage since April 2009. A day at Lindsey’s desk as a Marketing Manager includes a wide variety of marketing strategy, copywriting, customer experience, and design projects. When she is not working, Lindsey loves to play with her black lab, paint, cook, cheer on University of Wisconsin athletics, and explore the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband. You can reach Lindsey at lweinig@swiftpage.com.

3 Responses to “FAQ Friday: Are you going to keep the ACT! and SalesLogix brands?”

  1. I have used ACT! since it was in DOS and based here in Carrollton, TX. ACT! runs my life without question. It is the best contact manager of all. It has outlasted all the competition. But, with that being said, ACT! has become too costly of late with little enhancement value thus no reason to upgrade from year to year as I used to do. I used to look forward every year to buying the new upgrade. It was exciting. I hope you can bring that back. Lastly, why can’t you make a version of ACT! that will run on my iPad, iPhone, and all Apple products like all other companies?

    • Thanks for your comment we we hear your concerns and frustrations. We have lots of ideas for the future of ACT! and some of yours are ones we are tossing around. We will be sure to keep you updated over the coming months as we make plans for the future.

  2. as a reseller of 8 years and a user of more than 20 years, the future of Act looks to have lots of promise, I am interested to see how Swiftpage take the product forward into a wider marketplace unencumbered by an accounts solution predicated business model and hopefully form a selfish perspective, one that realises the value that field based business specialists bring to the offering.

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