Drive Clicks with These 7 Email Design Tips

Originally published in the May 2013 Edition of the Thoughtspot Newsletter.

One of the best ways to measure email success is through clicks. Since getting clicks is usually the main goal of an email, we’ve compiled some of our best tips for how to design your email to drive clicks.

Keep it Simple
In email design, keeping it simple is key. We’d all like to think we create such amazing emails our recipients can’t help but digest every word. Unfortunately, it’s just not true. Recipients don’t really read emails, they scan emails. By keeping your email simple and to the point, you are more likely to communicate your message to all of us email scanners. Shoot to keep paragraphs at no more than 3 sentences and include bolded headlines to help guide the scanning process. Add relevant images to support your message.

Spread the Opportunity
The call to action is the part of your email where you ask your recipient to take an action. Usually the call to action involves a click to get more information, register, enter to win, or buy now. Present your call to action in a variety of locations and forms to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Consider starting your email with preheader text with your call to action, use a button or other image as a call to action in the main message area and even include a text link within your copy for a click through opportunity. Spreading out the call to action increases your likelihood of receiving more clicks.

newsletter_heatmapGuide The Eye
Studies show the human eye reads over emails and webpages in an ‘F’ pattern (source). Place your most important information in the upper left quadrant of your email. Include your logo, main messaging and call to action in that area. Don’t neglect the lower portion of your email as it does still receive some scanning. Be sure to add a call to action in the lower quadrant to capture those recipients who do read the whole shebang.

Don’t Recycle, Rewrite
It can be tempting to reuse the same promotional copy and just make small edits at each send. The problem with this method is your recipients are smarter than that. Over time, they will notice the same copy being used and will gradually lose interest in your email communications. It may take more time, but putting a fresh spin your copy for each email will drive more clicks.

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