Our Perfecting ACT! Recap: Your Questions, Our Answers

Several of us from Swiftpage including myself, had the privilege of being part of the Perfecting ACT! conference last week. It seemed to me that all of the attendees are thrilled as we are that Swiftpage are the new owners of ACT!. During the Q&A, one of our ACT! Certified Consultants even said she had not been this encouraged in 10 years! I can’t tell you how pleased we are to be the new owners of ACT! and have such a great team of resellers who are excited about the future of ACT!. The buzz and excitement at the conference was palpable.

Here are some of the questions asked during our Q&A along with our answers:

Q: Will you invest in the ACT! brand? How will it relate to Swiftpage?

ACT! is a killer brand, a magnificent brand that has been ignored – that will not happen anymore. We are going to take all the brand equity we have in ACT! and you’ll see elements of it within the company. You’ll see it prominently within our email and our marketing strategy. You’ll see elements of it within SalesLogix. ACT! is the rock on which the church will be built. It’s a killer brand, and there are all kinds of ways to take equity in it and make sure that we reach back out into the market and say – we’re not only still here, we’re number 1 – come back (to ACT!)! It’s the NEXT ACT! get ready – because you’re going to be seeing a lot of this – and you’re going to see it in our marketing. You’re going to see it as the brand in our marketing. We plan to make sure that the whole world knows ACT! again.

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Q: Sage did an annual release – is that something you plan to continue?

We will not be continuing an annual release schedule. We will focus on delivering a quality product that delivers value to you and all of our customers – further customer improvements will be delivered through service packs.

Q: When will the website and branding change?

We are working on updating the websites as we speak and are planning on launching June 1st. The product branding will change this fall with the release. We are really excited about the new look we are working on for Swiftpage, ACT! and SalesLogix. Stay tuned!

Q: What are your plans for the partner program and the certification process?

We are reviewing all aspects of the partner program right now and are open/eager to hear your feedback. We want to get ACT! Certified Consultants involved in the certification process again.

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Perfecting ACT! was a perfect weekend. Thanks to all of you who attended and who make ACT! the product it is. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them below. We will be following up with answers as we have them. Here’s to the future of ACT!, it’s looking pretty bright!

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Dan has been with Swiftpage since 2006 and has a passion for delivering solutions to companies that increase the value of their product offerings. Dan is an avid fly fisherman and spends any time he can with his growing family.

5 Responses to “Our Perfecting ACT! Recap: Your Questions, Our Answers”

  1. Congratulations. I look forward to the new ACT. What happens with those of us who are GOLD service accounts? I have been an ACT user before there was an ACT program and was just the two developers looking for test companies.

    • Thanks! We’re excited as well. As far as support goes, if you’re a Gold Subscriber, you’ll continue to get the great customer service and technical support you’re used to for the life of your subscription.

  2. Great event. Very encouraged about the future of ACT!


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