Marketing Moment: Brand Loyalty

Earlier this year, a new bar opened up across the street from the bar where I work part time. For the past 4 months it has been the hot, new place to go on the weekends. My managers, fellow bartenders and I began to worry – traffic, sales and tips seemed to be declining. However, yesterday at our quarterly meeting – our managers presented us with great news. Year to date, sales are up 1% from last year; a direct result of our loyal customer base and our consistency as a staff.

Instead of panicking when the new bar opened, we remained focused on the things we do well – we have a great staff who offers exceptional customer service and on any given night we offer the best specials in the downtown area. We didn’t offer up any new gimmicks to try to compete with our new neighbors, we stayed the course and functioned as usual. The bar across the street may be shiny and new but that will fade and soon there will be another new bar to compete with. That’s why it is important to be consistent; in your messaging, your offerings, and your customer service/support.

What can your business do to insulate itself from the “hot, new bar”? Share your thoughts with us!

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About Mallory Bowers

Mallory joined the Swiftpage team in July 2012 as the Billing Specialist in the Finance Department. Recently, she became a member of the Marketing team. When Mallory is not in the office, you can find her exploring downtown Denver or at any local sporting event. You can reach Mallory at


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