Top 10 Community Best Practices

For those who may not know, we have two vibrant product communities – the Act! community and the Saleslogix community. We’ve been thinking a lot about community since the Swiftpage acquisition – how does community fit with our overall vision? Are we meeting the needs of our members in the features and functionality we provide? Do our top contributors know how much we value them? During this process, we’ve developed a Top 10 Tips list of best practices that we’re planning to employ to better incorporate into our communities. In the coming months, we’ll be making some changes that we hope excite our community members. We do ask for your patience – change doesn’t happen overnight!


Do you have an online community where your customers, partners and employees can gather? What best practices do you believe will keep people coming back? What can we do to improve our Act! and Saleslogix communities? Post your thoughts here and have a voice (make it positive and constructive please!) in shaping what’s to come.

About Tawny Mergel

Hi, my name is Tawny Mergel. I started at Riva CRM Integration in September 2014 as the Content Marketing Manager. I really enjoy engaging with Riva customers and partners and helping elevate the Riva brand through our blogs, website, and social media. In my off time, I enjoy exploring my new state of Colorado and spending time with my dogs (two pugs). I also like bragging about my team at Riva - they're the best! Let's connect on LinkedIn

2 Responses to “Top 10 Community Best Practices”

  1. your “top 10 community list” is delivered in a font so small that it is difficult to read, not what I expect from my favorite email provider.

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