Using Landing Pages to Maximize Value

So you have your online campaign all set up and ready to go; your email is looking great and you even had some banner ads created to place on a local online publication. You have the perfect tools in your possession to get someone’s attention. But once you have their attention, what’s your plan to maintain it and achieve your goal? There is a very common way to not only keep your customer’s attention but also to focus it on the exact offer or information you want them to.

Your marketing email and banner ads should have a simple call to action on them. In some cases this could be a phone number, in online marketing it is best to have it in the form of an obvious button that is clicked to “learn more” about your promotion, offer, event, etc. Where the customer is directed from this click is almost as important as getting them to click in the first place. Sure, you can direct them to a special page on your website dedicated to the promotion, containing content specific to it, but by including your full website layout you are actually offering a lot of distraction to the visitor. People are curious by nature and have a tendency to explore websites. This could cause you to lose focus from your initial goal. Campaign specific Landing Pages can help you prevent this from happening.

When setting up a campaign specific Landing Page, it is best to incorporate your branding into the layout as you would on your website, however this page should be set up to emphasize your promotion. Leave off distracting navigation options and have the promotion clearly stated above the “fold”. Leave all long copy and wordy details below the “fold”. And most importantly, a clearly visible registration form should be included on the Landing Page. This is where your Landing Page gets its most value. You have focused the customer’s attention on a specific promotion and now would like to collect their information to establish a line of communication and relationship with them. So now you can actually have another factor that raises the importance of particular leads. If they fill out the form, they are most likely very interested in this particular promotion.

Landing Pages can also be effective in e-commerce marketing as well where a transaction holds more value than a registration. Just make the focus of the Landing Page a particular product or promotion, and utilize a “buy now” call to action instead of a registration form that directs them right into a shopping cart.

If this method of incorporating Landing Pages into your online marketing campaigns is new to you, I highly recommend adding it into your plan. It can be a very powerful tool in addition to marketing emails and banner ads, helping increase the effectiveness of both. To learn more about creating Landing Pages through your Swiftpage account, click here to read on.

About Michael D'Angelo

"Mikey" joined Swiftpage in October of 2012 as a Web Developer. When not expanding or maintaining our website, he lends his design and programming skills to various other areas of our marketing department. When not working, Mikey enjoys hanging with his wife and 2 pugs, designing concert posters, reading graphic novels and spending too much time with his record collection.


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