Marketing Moment: Making a Positive out of a Negative

I am an avid Groupon user, and mostly, I am more than satisfied with my purchases, however, every now and then I’m not quite as happy and some items get returned. As I’m a frequent online shopper, I’m used to getting notices throughout the return process (the only downfall of online shopping I’ve found!) notifying me that my item has been received and in turn, I’ll be reimbursed – really standard messages. Recently, I sent an item back to Groupon and I received this:

Groupon Return Notice

Essentially, this says the same thing that I’m used to getting when returning an item to another company but it’s how they relayed the message that was so special. This return notice, brought a smile to my face and made me laugh because of the creative, funny language they used – ending an unsatisfactory experience on a positive note and reinforcing my usual Groupon experience! Businesses don’t look forward to dealing with unsatisfied customers but when they handle them well – it can create an even stronger, more trustworthy relationship.

How can you turn a negative experience into a positive one? Tell us!

About Kassi Johnson

Kassi has been enjoying her time working with Swiftpage since January of 2008. Kassi manages the Swiftpage Technical Support and Customer Care departments. When not working Kassi it typically spending her time practicing Nia, which she hopes to become an instructor in, or on the next adventure that Colorado has to offer her. In addition to finding extreme pleasure in working with Swiftpage she also enjoys spending time in the mountains, making jewelry, painting, spending time with her dog or playing racquet ball.

3 Responses to “Marketing Moment: Making a Positive out of a Negative”

  1. Hi Kassi
    im frustrated with the time it is taking to get a reply to a recent email change request. The on line chat lady seems to be off today too, any chance you can give Andy a nudge to reply to ticket number REFERENCE NUMBER: LTK1214301495952X

    a fellow racquet ball player from the UK

    • Hi Matt – I’m sorry that you are frustrated. I will get in touch with Andy or another member of our support team and ask them to contact you ASAP. I apologize for any inconvenience! A member of our support team will be contacting you shortly to resolve this issue.


  2. This is such a strong point! And definitely point in any area of business! Unfortunately, my experience with my last Groupon purchase has put me off wanting to purchase anything from them ever again. Customer service is so important – without the customers, there will be no businesses!

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