Act! Mobility and Tablet Features Peek #Actv16Peek #ActCRM

WHAT?!? More sneak peeks into the next Act! release. YEAH!! This one is too hot to hold still!

Accessing data from the road is essential. Act! Premium drives it home with the ability to add, view, and update Contacts, Activities, Notes, Histories, Opportunities, and now in v16 Groups and Companies from anywhere you have internet access. This rounds out all the major record types available in Act!

You have to setup an Act! Premium webserver which can be done pretty easily or look into our hosted options where we do all the work for you!

Once you do, you can make real time changes that anyone in your office can react to. Be constantly informed and share data with the speed of the cloud.

Not stopping there, we realized that almost 50% of our customers own a tablet. We added efficiency to your day by combining list and detail views on Contacts, Activities, Opportunities, Groups, and Companies so you can do things filter your task list to calls for today and quickly work through them. Or show all the opportunities in their final stages so you can work through them one by one and close them before month’s end.

See this in action below:

Now that you are untethered from your desk, will you be more productive? Or maybe just work from the beach this Thursday…

Surf’s up!

Stay tuned for more exciting product announcements!!!

2 Responses to “Act! Mobility and Tablet Features Peek #Actv16Peek #ActCRM”

  1. SData based??
    Looks like it was built off an earlier version of the #Saleslogix #Mobility app. Any plans to make the two have the same look and feel?

  2. Not SData based. Using mobile jquery and the Act! framework. We shared early designs but split on implementations. Our long term goal would be to standardize these but not in the next 12 months.

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