Marketing Moment: Exclusive Membership Increases Customer Loyalty

As you may already know, from my first post, I work as a bartender on the weekends. Recently, my bar (and many others in the downtown area) was approached by a new company with a great concept to provide (exclusively) the best deals in Denver to members of the service industry. Enter – the makers of the “IndiCard; for (service) industry members by (service) industry members.


The IndiCard offers exclusive drink, food and special event deals for the members of the service industry. What makes the IndiCard concept so great is that it services the people who deserve it most; people who are often on the other side of the bar-top dealing with customers – who are always right!

In a previous Top 10 Tips list – we suggested a similar idea. Rewarding your top customers with exclusive deals, memberships, or incentives to remain a loyal customer; making your relationship mutually beneficial and long-lasting. The IndiCard is similarly advantageous to the establishments that participate; free to sign up, free marketing and promotional opportunities, and free increased exposure. Since joining the ranks of the IndiCard users – I’ve visited at least 5 new restaurants in the downtown Denver area and become a frequent patron of my favorites. Overall, a win-win!

Is this type of membership/promotion translatable to your industry/business? What can you do to recognize and reward your top customers?? Tell us how!!

About Mallory Bowers

Mallory joined the Swiftpage team in July 2012 as the Billing Specialist in the Finance Department. Recently, she became a member of the Marketing team. When Mallory is not in the office, you can find her exploring downtown Denver or at any local sporting event. You can reach Mallory at

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