Don’t wait – dig in and discover what your subscribers are looking for!

Tracking the performance of your email campaigns is one of the key steps to evaluating the health of your email program.  The aggregate campaign summary reports provide directional trends and benchmarks that provide a directional lens for understanding how engaged your targeted audience is with the content you are delivering via your email communications.

  • What are your email subscribers saying about your email program through their engagement… or lack thereof?
  • What is happening to your key performance metrics over time?
  • Are you delivering content that aligns with the expectations of your subscribers at the point of acquisition?
  • How engaged are your subscribers with specific email types or content blocks?

If the results of your analysis indicate downward trends and the remedy is unclear, consider an outreach to your subscribers to gain feedback to help optimize and align your email program.  Email subscriber outreach should focus on gaining a better understanding of what your subscribers’ value most in the email program including considerations around the content, frequency of communications and email types.  This direct feedback may be collected through tactics such as surveys, polls and interviews which are collected via email or through alternative channels such as phone, direct mail, social networks or even landing page placements – including those reserved for processing unsubscribe requests (example shown below) provide yet another opportunity to collect critical feedback.


Don’t wait – dig in and discover what your subscribers are looking for!

What do you have on your action plan to improve your marketing this fall? Share yours in the comments! We’re here to help you succeed!   

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