FAQ Friday: Is there really an orange couch at Swiftpage?

We know you’ve been dying to ask us about the orange couch and if it really does exist, or if it’s just a figment of our imagination.


The answer is YES! It does exist! It currently resides in our CEO, John Oechsle’s office in our new Denver headquarters.

What would you ask the Swiftpage CEO if you were on the orange couch? Your question and the answer may be featured in an upcoming FAQ Friday!

About Lindsey Weinig

Lindsey Weinig has been working for Swiftpage since April 2009. A day at Lindsey’s desk as a Marketing Manager includes a wide variety of marketing strategy, copywriting, customer experience, and design projects. When she is not working, Lindsey loves to play with her black lab, paint, cook, cheer on University of Wisconsin athletics, and explore the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband. You can reach Lindsey at lweinig@swiftpage.com.

One Response to “FAQ Friday: Is there really an orange couch at Swiftpage?”

  1. I am really excited to see Swiftpage be the owner of act! It is a great step in the right direction. I have been an act user from before it was called act, approx 1984. I enjoyed John Oechsle’s comments on the focus and direction of act! Congratulations! The orange couch, well you are in Denver! I graduated from CU but am back home in CA.

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