Living The Exclamation

Hi Swiftpage Nation, I’m Tawny, the Social Media and Community Manager for Swiftpage.

I want to give you a heads up that soon we’ll be launching a brand new Social Media Newsroom style site as well as a new blog featuring members of our executive leadership team entitled, “Living the Exclamation”. We’re really excited to bring the voice of our executive team to the forefront! They are great at inspiring us all on our “One Team & One Journey” approach to help our customers create better interactions that lead to revenue generating transactions.  I’m confident they’ll do the same for our readers!

The new Social Media Newsroom will feature feeds for all of our product blogs as well as quick links to our corporate and product focused social media sites so you can really join in the conversations – they’re happening all over the place! And, so you can easily stay on top of all the latest Swiftpage news, we’ll also have an area where you can peruse our press releases.

In preparation for this new site, all of the great articles that you’ve enjoyed on this blog site will be going away for awhile, but not to worry, they will return and you will have access to an archive of all the content your used to seeing here at (we’re moving your cheese, but just temporarily!). You’ll be able to access the new Living The Exclamation blog here at But you’ll want to bookmark our new url for the Social Media Newsroom, (live later this week).

Stay tuned…this week brings much to celebrate and we’ll kick it off soon with our first post on the Living The Exclamation blog from our President and CEO, H. John Oechsle.

It’s great to be a part of the Swiftpage Nation!

About Tawny Mergel

Hi, my name is Tawny Mergel. I started at Riva CRM Integration in September 2014 as the Content Marketing Manager. I really enjoy engaging with Riva customers and partners and helping elevate the Riva brand through our blogs, website, and social media. In my off time, I enjoy exploring my new state of Colorado and spending time with my dogs (two pugs). I also like bragging about my team at Riva - they're the best! Let's connect on LinkedIn

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